Free, Step-by-Step Master Class on How to Make Money Doing E-Design for Clients

How to Build, Launch

and Grow a Thriving

E-Design Design Business

Doing What You Love and

Are Great At...

Shopping and Designing Spaces

In this Masterclass, You'll Learn:


What is E-Design and why should you care

Being clear on the benefits and myriad uses of E-Design to you, your business and your clients


Technology Choices (and the very best one)

Which technology is the absolute easiest, most attractive and least expensive to use


How to Easily package and price your e-design services, so you make good money

Example packages and pricing that works to create trust and upsell with clients while giving your a GREAT income doing what you love from home


how to build the e-design boards, shop and market your services

I show you the best practices of building design boards that clients will fall in love with!

Audra Slinkey 

If you love, love, love design then you will absolutely love the idea of helping clients plan and design a VISION for their spaces!  The technology is AMAZING and EASY to use.  I promise you will love this Masterclass and it will open up a whole new way to design for you.


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