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2 years ago I took Audra's Certified Color Expert class. I so enjoyed being able to take this class online at my own pace at home. This year I was most excited about going to RESACON to learn more about E-Design. When I learned that Audra had a class for this I didn't hesitate to sign up! She has a relaxed, easy going style while being very informative. I especially like having a step by step process all ready in place. All the templates were a great bonus. I look forward to adding this service for my clients. Thank you, Audra!!

Bella Vita Redesign, LLC Bella Vita Redesign, LLC

Oh Audra, just amazing. You provide so much insight and make the journey exciting! Thank you!!

Stefanie Farkasinski White Rose Theory

This was my first 'training' with Audra and the information was presented very clearly and in a straight forward manner. The take aways alone are worth the cost of the course - I am confident moving forward in my decision and know not only how to create great e-designs for my clients, but how to best market them to reach markets I hadn't considered.

Janette Zahar Staged Occasions

Typical of Audra's certification training, this Expert E-Design training exceeded my expectations :-) I have heard of Design Files and eDesign before but I didn't understand it, until I took Audra's training. I now realize that this is a GREAT service that I can add to my business with zero overhead! Quite frankly, it combines so many things that I like to do: design, shop, and use technology. I cannot wait to see where this part of my business takes me and am hopeful to see it really take off!

Kelly DeTommaso

This is by far the best and quick course with so many details and worksheets that can actually help you set up your business instantly. I haven't seen or come across any such course material that can help bring your dreams and passion to reality in a matter of few days. This is a complete and wholesome package for both a newbie and a veteran in the design industry.

Abhigna Samala

I loved the E-Design training! It was short, sweet and the HSR Templates are beyond valuable as I am just launching this added service. The templates are current and appeal to a mass audience, which will only serve to generate frequent transactions without having to spend hours "re-inventing". As an HSR graduate, I am proud to have taken all of Audra's courses including her Staging and Redesign Course, Color Certification, and now E-Design. My business will be able to service a wide range of clientele in the immediate moments, as well as in the future as well!

Whitney Nelson Whitney Nelson Interiors

The Certified Expert E-Designer Program is the 3rd training program I've taken from Audra Slinkey and per usual she does not disappoint! Audra is able to take vast amounts of information and break it down into easy to understand segments. She gives you a clear path on how to proceed every step of the way, while giving you an incredible amount of knowledge and guidance to succeed. Kudos Audra for yet another well-designed training program!

Sherry Castaldi Organized by Design

The E-Design training was the best thing for me and the development of my business. Having everything needed to start selling my E-Design services and getting paid all on line is a dream come true. The HSR templates were the icing on the cake.

Lorraine Diaz Ixcana Design Studio

Audra Slinkey's training's have been incredibly valuable to creating and sustaining my business. She has wonderful insight into what works and what doesn't. I could not have created the business I have without her knowledge and expertise. Thank you Audra!

Darcy Houston Silver Leaf Home Staging

Love and appreciate the support of having design templates, business process, and coaching on how to be successful with E-Design!! Thank you, Audra

Jeannie Morris Transforming Spaces

I'm Audra Slinkey, the creator of the Expert E-Designer Certification Training program and here are  eight reasons why becoming an Expert E-Designer is critical to your design and staging business:

  • Providing a clear visual to your clients is the future of design
  • E-Design allows you to work at any hour of the day and make money
  • E-Design allows you to work with anyone across the globe
  • E-Design is an EASY service to sell which helps to grow your design business
  • E-Design allows you to create a vision plan for clients within hours not days
  • E-Design is HOT!
  • Do-It-Yourselfer's are increasingly looking for design help
  • The increase in online shopping choices & resources is overwhelming to clients