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Module Four-Marketing Edesign

Marketing is my jam.  I'm loving all the marketing ideas and resources I'm sharing with you in this section, so take your time, review it all and set up your own marketing as you watch.

Before you start on the videos, download my Expert E-Designer Marketing Plan Checklist...

  • Your Overall Marketing Plan
  • Your E-Design Marketing Plan
  • Bling Your Brand
  • short quiz & E-Design logos

You made it!  Hopefully by now you've added E-Design Services to your business and are ready to take on clients.

We would love to send your Expert E-Designer Certificate via email to you after you fill out this feedback form below. 

The certificate will arrive the following Friday after submitting the form (if you want to finish the marketing portion first, then that's okay too):

These are transparent .png images for your use:

Black Logos:

White Logos:

The Many Resources Discussed in these Videos:

Remember to click and save as...or download onto your computer FIRST before trying edit, etc..These docs are Word Docs and imagery.  For most of you, the moment you click on the button means the document will automatically download into your Downloads Folder (so check there).

Word Docs and Houzz Report:

Your E-Design Funnel Materials (Emails, Give-Away, etc.)

Never Reinvent Email Funnel Series:

This email funnel series will make it very easy for you to copy and paste some of my email follow-up ideas into your email system...

Technology Links Audra Talks About:

Your Juicy Give-Away:

Call to Action Buttons and Imagery for Your Website as Canva Templates so you have complete edit control!  Click here to add the Canva Template to your Canva Account!  Or Save as... the image below:

Design Cheat Sheet Facebook Ad Images:

Ripl Videos for Your to Use:

The videos will open in a NEW window, so just right click on the video in that window and Save as... to your computer.  These are MP4 Videos.

Design Cheat Sheet Video (No Music) Animation 1

Design Cheat Sheet Video (With Music) Animation 2

Create Your Own Give-Away - Top 5 Mistakes Video

Facebook Retargeting Videos or Just Good for Your E-Design Page on Your Website:

These videos are similar but have different colors and music, so you all have variation on your website.​

Module Three-Packaging, Pricing and Process Success

Putting It All Together with Packages, Pricing and Process Success!

You're almost done!  In this larger, 3-part module, I'm going to walk you through putting it all together in a way that is sensible to your clients, efficient, automated and will make you money...
  • Research and Package Building
  • The client experience
  • the discovery call & close
  • Short Quiz for Certificate

In this final video we take the hard work out of creating your sales funnel by providing you with the emails, images and process that will make your discovery calls a hit!  Take the time to set up these systems for this new service and you will SAVE yourself in the long run.  Your business foundation will set the tone for this new services success...



Module Two – How to Build Your Board

Remember!  As part of this training, you get all of Audra's Design Projects within your DesignFiles account when you sign up through this private link:

Click here to sign-up for your discounted DesignFiles Account AND get all of Audra's Design Projects within your account!  Use the Password>>     easy$templates

Now we get to the fun part and can start looking at the technology and playing around with E-Design!  In this module, we are going to get a glimpse of the DesignFiles technology, as well as walk you through the beginning stages of listening to your clients and building your E-Design projects...

  • getting to know your designfiles account
  • how to build your board 
  • Using Affiliate Links
  • Shopping Trade

This BRAND NEW technology hopes to revolutionize the way interior designers shop for their clients and I'm so excited to offer this right away to my membership!  It's FREE and will give you the opportunity to create "To the Trade" design boards (collections) within their technology.  Click on the button below, hit apply and because you were referred by me, your application will go straight to the top;):

Watch this video below for instructions on how this GREATLY can benefit your business...


Everything You Need to Know About How to Get Your Reseller's License -

 What my Lighting Board looks like:

Real Estate Association's Buying Group - A HUGE benefit to membership in this association is it's trade buying group which is DEEP discounts BUT you have to apply separately to each vendor, meet their minimums, etc...go here to get all the details -

Module One – Getting Started

Buckle your seat belts because I'm going to move fast through this training, so you can quickly add it to your list of services OR do it as a stand-alone business!
  • How to Make money with e-design - benefits and uses
  • Technology choices & recommendation

In this next video, I'm going to walk you through the current technology choices, the mistakes designers make and my recommended technology choice...

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